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SAPS Gets the Help of Mediums

SAPS contacts five mediums for help with a missing persons case.

This project is ongoing! Check back frequently for updates. UPDATE 03/29/2007!

SAPS has contacted five different mediums seeking information about a missing persons case that hits close to home. We're changing the details of the story to share it with you so we can protect the identities of the people involved, and also keep the project going.

Quite some time ago, one of our members experienced a loss... a friend, loved one, relative, or possibly neighbor went missing. No missing persons report was ever filed. There is absolutely no paper trail for any crafty medium to follow.

The segments below outline the steps to receive a reading from a medium... from the cost to the legal statements to the mediums involved to the money issues... follow us on our quest to discover what happened.


Even though we only contacted five mediums, they keep writing in. So there are many more readings to sift through. It should be noted that some of these had access to all the missing person information posted on this site, because they wrote in after it had already been put up.

Before we noted that the missing person was mentally ill, none of the mediums guessed that was the case. We have a few more secrets that can only be uncovered with absolute knowledge of the missing person. Now we'll be using those tidbits to check the validity of claims.

The Quest

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